BI Hub is one gateway for all enterprise content. One of the queries we receive from organizations is, ‘Our organization runs multiple BI platforms such as SAP Design Studio, SAP Lumira Designer, Analysis for Office, WebI, Analysis for OLAP, Crystal etc., but they are all SAP BI platforms. If BI Hub core strength is the ability to launch reports from multiple BI platforms in one page, how is it beneficial to us?’

This blog focuses on how BI Hub can empower organizations which run only SAP BI platforms.

Organizations which run only SAP BI platform can be benefited by deploying BI Hub. Here’s how:

  • Report metadata – Ability to create metadata for reports such as description, tags, last refresh date time, data source, data provider etc., and gain a better functional and technical understanding of the reports.
  • Smart Search – Users can run a search for ‘Not Accessible’ reports and get access to the same. For example, Graham can run a (Smart) search on ‘AR Aging Analysis’ and discover that such a report already exists but he doesn’t have access to the same. So, he requests and gets access to this report, rather than creating one for himself. This mitigates duplicate reports, time and cost involved in development and reconciliation of those duplicate reports.
  • Easy to integrate – Compared to other enterprise portals in the market, BI Hub is easy to integrate with Directory services such as Microsoft AD and all BOBJ platforms.
  • Automated synchronization – Changes to user-reports authorizations, Addition/Deletion of users/reports to the various BOBJ platforms (WebI, Lumira Designer, Crystal etc.,) are automatically propagated to BI Hub. No manual intervention necessary.

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