Make your BI Modernization Journey Seamless

Integrate your Legacy & Modern BI Platforms into one roof & Simplify End-to-End BI Delivery

Manage Reports From On-Prem & Cloud Platform

Integrate all your reports from On-prem and Cloud Platforms into one single portal using BI Hub

Access reports quicker by Unifying BI Assets & Eliminating BI Silos

Identify single source of truth with effective report discovery, and BI Governance using BI Hub

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Case Studies

BI Hub Helps Fortune 500 Chemical Company With A Holistic View Of Multiple Business Reports

BI Hub a self-sufficient, easy to use BI platform to help our executives make timely decisions and optimize some of our data and process without compromising governance.

PERI Deploys BI Hub as a single Portal solution to bridge and Consolidate gaps between legacy and modern BI Platforms

Establishment of a single BI portal that bridges the gap & integrates Legacy & Modern/cloud BI platforms that is highly customizable to suit the business needs of the end users & report consumers.

Who Should use BI Hub ?

BI Hub is ideal for any organization that wants to create a unified BI experience for their report consumers. From Analysts to IT Admins, BI Hub is loved by and BI report user who wants to reduce time and effort spent on searching and managing reports. BI Hub serves a broad range of industries and use cases, from the automobile industry and health care 
to education and finance.


05Advanced Search

Why use BI Hub ?

BI Hub helps you to integrate all your BI reports, dashboards from the existing analytics system and provides you with a personalized branded BI Portal experience. It helps you to find relevant dashboards and reports spread across any BI System by doing a simple search. It also helps you to integrate all your reports from On-prem and Cloud platforms into an single portal for better adoption and remove BI silos & many more.

Make Analytics Adoption Easier



Search for reports & dashboards from all your BI Systems with a single click. Explore Advanced Search option & request for access to reports which you don’t have access to.



Consume all your reports and dashboard’s metadata from various BI platforms and view them using a single sign-on.



Organize all your Enterprise BI reports like never before by using Cataloging feature in BI Hub by adding tags, certification levels, subject matter expert to contact for each report.


Collaborate with fellow BI users by commenting on reports in real-time, request for access to report and do side by side comparison of reports in multiple platforms.



BI hub Provides Enterprise users with seamless access to the information they need from different platforms thereby optimizing the downtime and help users make better-informed decisions.

Key Features

Easy Access

Launch all your reports and dashboards -stored across multiple platforms- from a single BI portal, all with single sign-on.


Report Governance

A simplified BI portal for self-report governance by providing user full potential to view who uses which report and platform.

Smart Search

Search reports and dashboards from all your BI systems with a single click.

Ensures Security

BI Hub imports all the user accounts and their security from each reporting tool, so each user can easily view a report they have


BI Hub allows you to Consume your reports on mobile devices or tablets with touch-enabled gestures.


Get personalized look and feel of BI Hub to match to your company theme using Theme customization feature.

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Key Highlights

Watch BI Hub



BI Platform Live Sync

Experience single pane of view to 13+ Analytics assets in BI Hub.


Easy to use and deploy

A simplified BI portal for self-report governance by providing user full potential to view who uses which report and platform.


BI Governance

Search reports and dashboards from all your BI systems with a single click.

Supported Platforms

Your platform is not listed here?

Easily integrate using the custom URL feature from BI Hub or feel free to write to us, our BI Hub specialists will reach out to you to provide a custom solution.