Easy Access

Launch all your reports and dashboards stored across multiple platforms from a single place, all with single sign-on. Experience single pane of view to all your Analytics Assets in BI Hub.

All Reports from Single Place with Single User Experience


Launch all your reports and dashboards from different BI platforms from a single place. With Single-Sign-On, you don’t have to worry about remembering passwords for each of your reporting tools. And also you don’t have to learn to navigate the different folder structures of different BI platform. Instead, everything can be found in a single folder structure. For example, all of your sales reports, whether from Business Objects, Tableau, Spotfire, or Power BI could be viewed in a single folder.

Pin your frequently accessed reports to your dashboard


Do you have a few reports that you run frequently? Pin those reports to your dashboard and whenever you login to BI Hub, those reports will be loaded automatically and you will be able to view that report immediately with no hassle.

Much more personalized way to organize your reports


Don’t like the way the reports have been organized in your BI platform? Don’t worry we have provided multiple ways to group your most needed reports. You can organize your reports from different BI Platform based on the department or functional areas or any way you want. You can also add your most-used reports to your “Favorites”.

Custom URL


If you have other documents or webpages that you often use along with your reports, you can add them as custom URLs and they will show up in BI Hub as another report. You can search for it, add it to your favorites and open it like any other report. One great advantage is that if you have any reports from a legacy BI Platform that it’s not currently supported by BI Hub, you can create custom URL links to those reports and add them to BI Hub.

Compatibility with multiple devices


Think of situation where you are on the move and you want to see your reports. With BI Hub you can access your reports and dashboards from mobile and tablet devices. You can install the BI Hub app and enjoy the same experience of BI Hub in your mobile devices.

Launch all BI reports and dashboards from a single portal featuring powerful tools to maximize your efficiency