Increased BI Return on Investment

Multiple BI platforms are utilized in an organization to cater to different reporting and analytic requirements and justifying the presence of all the tools is one of the critical challenges faced by senior management during investment analysis and budgeting.

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Some key factors affecting BI Return of Investment:

Data Decentralization

Fragmentation of information & data across multiple reports, without a single interface

Redundant Reporting

Inefficiencies in accessing reports already created, leads to duplication of report, thereby making the decision-making process time consuming.

Productivity & Cost Analysis

With multiple BI platforms implemented, there are some tools that are underutilized and some tools that provide great ROI

BI Hub helps you utilize your BI investments to their full potential with

BI Usage Statistics

Audit how many reports are being utilized, and which platform runs them. It helps provide insights on which BI tools are redundant and can be retired.

Single Portal Experience

Launch all your BI platforms & reports from a single BI portal, to reduce inefficiencies and redundancy of multiple similar reports.

Smart Search

Seek, filter & find your BI Assets on-demand based on keywords and attributes with just a single click!