Connect to any BI Platform Seamlessly using BI Hub

BI Hub let you connect to BI reports and dashboards from any tool. The unique Custom URL feature in BI Hub architecture easily onboards underlying sources and pulls your reports and dashboards into a centralized BI Portal. This centralized report management platform integrates with many different Business Intelligence tools, Big Data sources, On-Premise and SaaS applications and our product team is striving their best to provide you by adding more all the time.

But in the meanwhile, while we are adding those platforms, you can use this custom URL feature and add support for the currently unsupported platforms in this portal. You can also manage access control such custom created URL to set of users or group of users.

Having other documents or webpages that you often use along with your reports? Using the Custom URL feature you can add them, and they will show up in BI Hub as another report. You can search for it, add it to your favourites and open it like any other report.

Even if you have any reports from a legacy BI Platform that is not currently supported by BI Hub, you can create custom URL links to those reports and add them to BI Hub.

Below listed are few major BI Platforms BI Hub Support: