Integrate Legacy And
Modern BI Platforms

No matter if your organization is planning to retire from a Legacy BI platform or retain the Platform, BI Hub helps to integrate all your reports from Legacy & Modern BI platforms into one roof.

In unforeseeable times, swiftness becomes even more important than ever. Businesses need to anticipate the changes and take action to gain advantage and to meet customers’ evolving needs in the best possible way.

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BI Hub brings the Legacy and Modern Agents into a Unified BI Portal


BI Hub provides direct/native connectivity to modern as well as legacy BI Platforms. Some of the modern BI Platforms that is supported by BI Hub is Power BI, Tableau, SAC and few legacy BI systems like SAP BOBJ, Qlik, MSTR etc.

BI Hub enables teams to easily access any BI report and share it quickly with the teams and help significantly reduce the migration risk. With BI Hub in place, the legacy and modern reports can be accessed by users in a single portal. BI Hub can also function as an adoption audit tool for the BI Platforms to get BI usage statistics.