Mergers and Acquisition

Accelerate BI integration in Merger & Acquisitions

We know that the hardest part of a Merger and Acquisition is Report Management and Integration. With BI Hub in place, your M&A journey can be made as seamless as possible.

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Several critical decisions regarding the ERP/CRM/HR/BI and other systems are required:

  1. Which systems from the acquired company are retained?
  2. Which systems are migrated over to the parent company’s systems?
  3. What is the integration strategy for connecting retained systems to the parent company’s IT systems?
  4. What is the data migration strategy for the replaced systems?
BI Hub helps you to unify all your BI reports into a single place. It also helps the BI users to get real-time access to all the reports spread across different BI systems. The image below shows the categories under which BI Hub falls in a BI Fabric:

Mitigate the M&A by:

Providing single portal access to all users

Build the M&A bridge by integrating legacy and modern platforms

Optimize BI and Analytics tools and licensing for potential cost reductions

Reduce laborious tasks of maintaining the team's focus on the core M&A project

Access to all reports from the legacy and modern platform

BI Hub enables teams to easily access any BI report and share it quickly with the teams and help significantly reduce the integration risk. With BI Hub in place, the parent company can take its own sweet time to decide which BI tool to stick with. BI Hub can also function as an audit tool for the BI Platforms to get BI usage statistics. It also ensures BI Governance by giving you complete details like who has access to the reports, their last login, and their last password change, and more from the audit User Section.