BI Usage Statistics

With all your reports in BI Hub, and with BI Hub’s powerful usage statistics feature, you can see who uses which reports, and when they use it.  This gives administrators visibility on report peak times and also helps them identify which reports are not used and can be retired.

Report Governance – Get your BI reports Usage Statistics


Have you ever wondered, how your BI reports are used, how many times each report has been viewed, and who runs what reports? You can get all these statistics from the BI Hub Audit.

User Governance


Get all your user related details like who has access to the reports, their last login and their last password change and more from the audit User Section.


Agent Uptime Statistics


Agent statistics will tell you if a connection to your BI platform was up and running or if it was down.  Helping you with troubleshooting and to be proactive.

Statistics of Most Frequently used reports and users


With the help of BI Hub Audit, you will be able to get the list of most accessed reports, least viewed reports etc.


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