BI Hub offers you with a wide range of personalization options. Personalize and customize BI Hub across the whole organization matching your brand color themes.

Theme Customization – Your Brand, Your BI Hub, Your Theme


Change the look and feel of BI Hub to match your company standards or your intranet’s interface. You don’t have to stick with our default Blue color. You have all the colors available for you to choose from and you can re-brand the entire BI Hub to follow your branding standards. You can also use your own logo.

Entire User Navigation menu customization


Change the order and name of the Navigation menu items of BI Hub in the settings page to make them more intuitive for your company.

Hub Folders


Create Organization’s folder structure to keep reports best organized to meet your workflow’s needs. You can organize all the dashboards and reports based on the department or functional areas or in your own way of grouping.

Admin created dashboard – Home Page for your Users


Create custom Home Pages and share them with any users or group of users.  Users can  get their customized Home page when they login to BI Hub next time.

Launch all BI reports and dashboards from a single portal featuring powerful tools to maximize your efficiency