Simplified Pricing for your Organization

Flat Pricing Model

Simplified pricing to suit your organization needs, with no hidden/ extra charges for dedicated support

Unlimited BI Platform Instances

Connect multiple instances of BI platforms for your development, staging, and production needs with NO EXTRA CHARGES!

Unlimited User Access

Unlimited Users can access BI Hub as the pricing is customized around number of BI platforms

Non Prod is included in the license

Access multiple non prod environments in BI Hub without additional license requirements

Systematic Upgrades Included

Subscription includes upgrades of BI Hub, including major versions, minor versions, and hot fixes.

Global Support

Round the clock dedicated Support Team to assist you on any queries regarding the product

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have only one BI environment. How is BI Hub beneficial to me?
Report metadata – Ability to create metadata such as description, tags, last refresh date time, data source, data provider etc., and gain a better functional and technical understanding of the reports.Smart Search – Users can run a search for ‘Not Accessible’ reports and get access to the same. This mitigates duplicate reports and time and cost involved in the development of those duplicate reports.Compared to other enterprise portals in the market, BI Hub is easy to integrate with Directory service for Single Sign-on.Changes to user-reports authorizations, Addition/Deletion of users/reports to the various BI platforms are automatically propagated to BI Hub. No manual intervention is necessary.
How are password changes in BI platforms or directory service synchronized with BI Hub?
  • BI Hub uses a secure trusted authentication to integrate with the BI platforms.
  • BI Platform User passwords are NOT stored in BI Hub and so there is no need for synchronization.
  • Even if user passwords are modified in directory service or BI platforms, user can continue to login in BI Hub and be authenticated by directory service or BI platform.
Can BI Hub work with Row Level Security in the BI Platform?
BI Hub launches BI Platform reports utilizing the same authentication/authorization mechanism used by BI Platforms. So, if the report is accessible through the BI Platform it will also be accessible by BI Hub with the same Row Level Security.
Can I consume BI Hub in iPad?
Yes, BI Hub can be consumed in iPad but not on smart phones. The product is limited by the responsive UI capabilities of the individual BI platforms and tools.
Does BI Hub have a Mobile App?
Yes, BI Hub has a mobile app for Apple IOS and Android platforms.
Can BI Hub be customized for the Organization Branding?
Yes, BI Hub can be customized with the organization branding to provide a personalized look and feel for the users.
Can BI Hub be implemented in Cloud?
BI Hub is an On-premise application. It is certified to run in Private Tenant on AWS and Azure.