Smart Search - Discovery of Reports

A powerful way to search reports and dashboards from all your BI systems with a single click.

Rank based recommended reports based on the search keyword


If you want to find the report that got lost in time, then just search it using a related keyword. Our Smart Search will help you find it out, if the report contains any of your keywords in any of its attributes or anywhere in the report. Search results are ranked based on the keyword density and based on few other important aspects.

Tag-based search


You can tag and group your reports and you also have the option to find the reports under one specific tag in a single click.

Advanced search with custom attributes and more


Whenever you want to fine tune the search results, you can easily do it by using our Advanced Search Feature. You can add custom attributes to the search queries for yielding better results.

Accessible and inaccessible reports


Find the reports you’re looking for, even if you don’t even have access to them. Now that you know that a report exists, you won’t have to waste time creating a report from scratch, just request access to the existing report – all within BI Hub!

Launch all BI reports and dashboards from a single portal featuring powerful tools to maximize your efficiency