Team collaboration leads to the higher productivity, accelerated business decisions and innovative ideas. BI Hub has some unique ways to enable your team’s collaboration.



You got a problem or queries with one of your reports? Using BI Hub users can easily comment on the report mentioning your team member name who can help you. They will be notified immediately and pave the way to solve the queries by clicking the notification directly.

Pre-defined attributes


Certifications, Documentation and Subject Matter Expert are the predefined attributes which will help you to collaborate in different ways. Your IT team or functional team can certify the reports and users will be able to know which reports they can trust. Other attributes will help you increase your team collaboration.

Custom Attributes


If you need to add new attributes assigned to your reports, for example “Department” or “Datasource”, you can do that in BI Hub, even if that attribute is not available in the BI Platform. Your Moderator team can assign those attributes for those reports and your users will be able to access that information in the report attributes in BI Hub.

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