Manage On-Prem and Cloud Platform Reports

Many organizations have an ecosystem of different BI platforms and solutions that are deployed both on-prem and cloud depending on the business requirements.

Accessing and managing these multiple reports from on premise and cloud can become a time-consuming effort & relevant information cannot be accessed swiftly.

Want to experience the power of the BI Hub Platform for free?

Access all your analytical reports and assets from a single unified hub and reach an informed business decision.

With the new wave of cloud technologies, a lot of enterprises are looking towards to a switch from On-premise tools to cloud solutions to promote ease of access and collaboration.

Migration of data to cloud platforms and managing multiple reports can become a hassle when large volumes are involved. Simplify the process by seamlessly integrating all your reports into BI Hub, that promotes visibility and better decision making.

Transform your portal experience with:

Access multiple BI Platforms and databases

Single Sign on – to launch and access all dashboards

Inherit platform level data security to your reports

Seamless platform transition between on prem – BOBJ, Qlik to Cloud – Power BI, SAC & more!