Ensures Security and Automatic Import

Your system or portal administrator doesn’t have to manually import each report. BI Hub automatically creates objects within itself for each report from all your BI systems.

Inherit Platform Security


BI Hub always respects and inherits the BI Platform security. You don’t have to maintain a separate security model. We simply follow the existing report access scheme and security measures of your BI Platforms.

Multiple Groups and Roles


You can also create your own User Groups and assign different permissions in BI Hub. You can easily provide permissions for User Dashboards, Metadata editor, Thumbnail uploader and much more.


Auto Import of reports, metadata and users


Your Hub Administrator doesn’t have to manually do the work of synchronization of reports or Users from your BI Platforms. With the help of Automatic scheduled import, BI Hub can sync all the reports, their metadata and security automatically. In a matter of minutes, BI Hub can create multiple items with all the data to launch the reports.


Complete On-Premise – Your Data, Your Place


We know that your data is important and so we have provided complete control of your data. All the data of BI Hub will be stored in your on-premise systems. All the services and dependencies required for BI Hub will be installed on your premise and we won’t be able to access any of your data.

Launch all BI reports and dashboards from a single portal featuring powerful tools to maximize your efficiency