Report Governance

Have you ever wondered, how your BI reports are used, how many times each report has been viewed, and who runs what reports? You can get all these statistics from the BI Hub Audit.

BI hub can simplify self-report governance by providing users full potential to view who uses which report and platform. BI Hub also helps you to remove duplicated, unauthorized reports and collaborate the reports with other users. This gives administrators visibility on report peak times and also helps them identify which reports are not used and can be retired.

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BI Hub is designed to align BI governance framework with
Corporate governance framework

BI Hub helps you to unify all your BI reports into a single place. It also helps the BI users to get real-time access to all the reports spread across different BI systems. The image below shows the categories under which BI Hub falls in a BI Fabric:

BI Hub enables teams to easily access any BI report and share it quickly with the teams and help significantly reduce the integration risk. BI Hub can function as an audit tool for the BI Platforms to get BI usage and user statistics. It ensures BI Governance by giving you complete details like who has access to the reports, their last login, and their last password change, and more from the audit User Section.

Enable BI Governance by Monitoring


BI reports Usage Statistics


User Governance


Agent Uptime Statistics

Statistics of Most Frequently used reports and users

BI Governance is a framework that helps identify, deliver, and maintain a proper BI strategy.