Why BI Governance is important for Agile Business?

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59 minutes

Aug 11, 2020


Chandler Stevens
Vice President, Microsoft BI & Analytics
Visual BI Solutions

Ulises Hubbard
Vice President of Software Products & Innovation
Visual BI Solutions

Short Description
In this webinar replay, you can know the importance of BI Governance in Agile Business environment and also see how you can further your efforts in enabling and driving business intelligence governance.

Cloud-scale analytics and advances in visualized reporting have no doubt transformed the business intelligence landscape. It has enabled everyone from analysts to business leaders to quickly discover, analyze, and act from those insights.  The enthusiasm from the possibilities of leveraging these advanced business intelligence solutions coupled with its potential viral nature can overshadow the importance of governance.

Tune into this webinar replay and learn about:

  1. The importance of BI Governance
  2. Governance Framework
  3. BI Governance Planning and Deployment journey explained
  4. BI Governance and User Experience Standards
  5. Focus Areas for forming an overall Governance program for Business Intelligence
  6. Importance of having a scalable and cohesive BI portal for engaging with analytics assets
  7. How to manage multiple BI platforms in an innovative and highly automated ensuring report governance?