Does your Organization have Multiple BI Platforms? Do your different business units use different BI tools? Are your users having trouble finding and consuming reports? You are not alone. A lot of organizations run multiple BI Platforms and experience the same challenges. Well not anymore! BI Hub is here. It is a single portal to integrate multiple BI Platforms.

The benefits of running multiple BI Platforms in a single portal are huge. The following are just a handful of benefits of integrating multiple BI Platforms into a single portal.

Personalization and Branding

With each BI Platform having different look and feel, Personalization is important to provide a unified look and feel and for corporate branding. Users will be able to access and consume the reports in the same way irrespective of the BI Platform that they are consuming from. The easier interface helps users to navigate and consume reports without any need for training or support. This saves a lot of overhead for IT and also provides a pleasant experience for the users.

BI Hub provides the ability to personalize and brand out of the box. With its easy to use interface, organizations can brand the portal easily with just a click of a button without needing to write any code and instantly preview before confirming the change. Make the portal personalized to your users with BI Hub.


Easy to find and Consume Reports from Multiple BI Platforms

One of the major challenges organizations have in multiple BI Platforms is for users in finding and consuming the reports. As reports are scattered across multiple BI Platforms, it is difficult to find the reports that are needed. The reports may also be buried in the depth of folders which causes users in frustration to find the reports that they need. Reports not found adds additional overhead and efforts for IT in rebuilding them and also decrease the ROI for the report.

BI Hub with its smart search capability not only finds the right report that user needs but also provides a mechanism to request reports that the user does not have access to. The proprietary Search of BI Hub looks at the Report and the meta-data and identifies the right report instantly among thousands of reports from various BI Platforms. Make your users find the reports easily and increase the ROI with BI Hub.


Collaboration and Meta-data

Collaboration is very important in an engaging environment. As different BI Platforms have different interfaces, it is difficult to have a collaborative environment. As users tend to go outside the BI Platform to collaborate via email, IM it reduces the interaction and engagement to the users. Meta-data is very important to enrich the report with useful information and the BI Platforms support only basic Meta-data.

BI Hub provides a collaborative environment where users can chat and tag others to the report. The powerful meta-data repository provides the ability to add custom meta-data and tags that are not present in the BI Platform to enrich the reports. This meta-data and tags would also power the smart search. Provide value to your users using BI Hub.


Customization and User Personas

Customization and User personas are important for users to have a personal touch to the Portal. BI Platforms are often rigid with limited customization and do not provide user personas. All the users are forced to consume the reports in the same way and do not have control of how they would want to consume. This creates a negative experience and does not provide freedom to the users.

BI Hub offers great Customization and provides users to have their own Personas. Users can create their own folders and add reports from multiple BI Platforms into a single folder. They also get the ability to favorite the report for easy access and add them to their Dashboard for quick consumption. Provide freedom to your users by using BI Hub.


Ease of Access and Use from Multiple BI Platforms

Ease of access is very important for users. As BI Platforms can sometimes be hard to navigate around and users have to go to multiple URLs and login to access different BI Platforms, it does not provide a pleasing experience for them. BI Hub provides a unified experience and ease of access. Users can now easily access reports from multiple BI Platforms without needing to log in. Leave a pleasant and sticky effect to your users using BI Hub.


These are just a few of the benefits of a Unified portal for multiple BI Platforms offer.

Interested in a detailed demonstration or download of a trial version?? Click here to visit BI Hub Page.