The presence of multiple BI platforms in an organization creates silos that prevent the free flow of insights across the various departments in the organization. While the presence of multiple BI platforms is necessary, organizations are constantly seeking ways to lower down the metaphorical walls created by the BI platforms. Such walls can obstruct work efficiency and prevent the enterprise from maximizing the ROI on their BI systems.

BI Hub can play a major role in ensuring that reports are not trapped in BI silos and they are accessible to users across the enterprise. With just one login (or no login at all, if BI Hub is integrated with SSO server) BI Hub users can launch the reports of all platforms on one page. The authentication, authorization, and synchronization of content between BI platforms and BI Hub is 100% automated.

Using the feature called Smart Search, BI Hub enables the user to use simple phrases to search and request access to reports which he/she cannot access. This prevents the user from creating a copy (duplicate) of the report which might already exist in another folder/platform, thereby mitigating the presence of duplicate reports in the organization.

BI Hub drives the increased adoption of reports and dashboards which eliminates the metaphorical BI silos created by multiple BI platforms. It also promotes the re-usability of BI assets and maximizes the ROI of those BI platforms.

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